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What you have to know about astrology?

Astrology is the influence of celestial bodies on human affairs. However, it is not as simple as that, much like any other academic discipline like psychology, astrology is a serious discipline concerned with individuals in the society and world affairs like wars, conflict and disasters. You might wonder that astrology existed even before written history. Astrology can map the heavens right when the person begins his journey in to the world, through the map, skilled astrologers can read your life path, pitfalls and prospects about your future. Astrology is said to exist as early as 25,000 years ago, the evidence are found in markings on bone and cave walls. These times span has let us humans to learn more about the patterns in the sky that reflect affairs on earth. Interpretation of patterns has long been popular for claiming prophecy, fortune telling, divinations, and omens etc and which has been part as long as humans existed.

How astrology works?

Astrology can be used in two different ways linear and non-linear. The way to use linear astrology is, for example, if you look at the clock on the wall, which is 7:30 a.m. on a weekday. It is pretty obvious to understand people are hurrying up to work and traffic is congested on the roads, which implies the fact that it is not the clock that is creating the rush hour traffic but acts like reliable indicator of the time and information in interpreted by someone seeing the clock. This basic analogy is how an astrology chart is interpreted by positions of the planets and making predictions on certain level of correlation based on time tested practical observations.

The non- linear manner of working of astrology has been under attack since scientific community seeks to find mechanism, description, process, explanation and understanding, any absence of such is questioned. Astrology does not work with mechanisms; it works with correlation, patterns, tendencies, interpretations and relationships. Astrology should not be seen as a yes or no machine. Astrology instead shows how humans tune into this world. It is finding that tune that determines our life path.

How astrology determines your horoscope?

According to astrology, the motion of the celestial patterns in the sky shapes your each day existence. The varied constellations and patterns shining across the sky are used daily, weekly, monthly and yearly divinations. Your birth chart reveals more details on how celestial bodies were aligned. Sun-sign is the dominant house of the zodiac. Using your birth chart and sign your inquisitor will reveal immediate insight into your personality. That is why someone might have asked you “what is your sign?’ Each house of the zodiac arises from the location of the sun as it transverse through the 12 astrological constellations. For instance, if you were born while the sun shone on Taurus, your sun-sign is Taurus while rest of the 12 plays a part in your birth chart determine your various aspects of your personality.

Final thoughts

Astrology can be fun and rewarding endeavor if you are inquisitive to learn about yourself, others and their lives. Learning process is systematic perhaps starting to learn sun-sign is the easiest form of astrology and later move on to study the moon and so forth.