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What are different types of numerology existed? 

Everyone has a busy schedule and a list of desires about how to enhance their life. They search for the most excellent methods to overcome the problems in their life and use opportunities to make optimistic changes in their everyday activities.  They are willing to find out fundamentals and complex aspects of the numerology at this time. If they know about the main types of numerology, then they can make an informed decision and ensure about the easiest way to achieve their goals.

 Five types of numerology

As a beginner to numerology, you may get confused with a variety of numerological services accessible through online regardless of location and time. You can take note of the following five categories of numerology right now. You will decide on and use the numerology based on your requirements.

  • Kabbalah numerology
  • Chaldean numerology
  • Pythagorean or Western numerology
  • Abracadabra numerology
  • New Kabbalah

All listeners to the Hebrew mysticism these days get an interest to become skilled at kabbalah numerology. This numerology is based on the alphabet Hebrew. There are only 22 vibrations in this numerology. This numerology is used to interpret the meaning of a name. Chaldean numerology is otherwise known as mystic numerology. This is one of the oldest systems in this genre. Numbers are assigned to letters determined by the alphabetical order in this numerology rather than vibration of every particular letter. There is a notable difference between the Pythagorean numerology and Chaldean numerology. Although 9 can occur as the final sum in the Pythagorean numerology, there is no possibility to assign the number 9 to any letter. Keep in mind that the number nine is considered to be sacred and holy in this numerology.

Western or Pythagorean numerology is mostly used system in the West. There is an easy way to learn this numerology.  If you wish to learn how to translate numbers and become skilled at meanings of such numbers, then you can contact an expert in this numerology training program. Pythagoras was the Greek philosopher and born around 590 BC. This numerology analyzes both date of birth and name. Individuals who focus on the interaction between these two things can get the desired assistance and improve their approach to use this numerology.

 Explore numerological systems 

Abracadabra numerology is the least used form of numerology.  This numerology uses a series of pyramids to get numerical values which supply details about characters and events. Letters in this numerology add up to 365. New kabbalah is a new form of kabbalah. This numerology was developed to account for every alteration in the latest Roman alphabet over time.

The three methods of numerology are alphabetic systems, Latin alphabet systems and Abjad system. Different numerological systems assign numerical value to letters of an alphabet. Many traditions worldwide involve assigning mystical meaning to words as per their numerical values. In Latin alphabet systems, numbers are assigned to letters of the Latin alphabet. The Abjad system is the Arabic system of numerology. Every letter of Arabic alphabet has a numerical value in this numerology.